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The very fact that you are reading this suggests that you are on a journey of discovery – a journey that has perhaps already had a number of twists and turns and bumpy bends. No journey of discovery is easy. It would be convenient if it was all so abundantly clear immediately, but it is not.

The journey itself is by its very nature, winding. Although it is our own personal journey it is a fact that we generally allow others to dictate to us what we should believe, where we should go and how we should feel. Indeed, most of it is done with the very best of intentions by those we love i.e. our parents, siblings and friends.

What happens is we tend to segregate ourselves based on our religions, our race, our wealth status and our friends. It is obvious why. We feel safe in our particular environment. Because we do things in a certain way, speak in a certain way, go to a certain school or have a particular type of family heritage, we consider others who do not fit into the same categories as different. They are a potential threat to our confidence (the mental space in which we are comfortable) and thus our personal security, and so we either avoid others or keep them at arms length. Yet, the further along the journey we travel, the more we realise that our own journey is different even to those of our closest friends. It is when we start realising this that some of us start to question if the road we are on is in fact the right one. But how can we tell whether the direction we have taken is the right one?

Here I wish you to imagine yourself standing about 50 metres back from a wall. You are on a path which leads directly to a door in the wall, straight ahead of you. The path in front is slightly unkempt, but still easy to see as a path. As you look up the path, you notice there are many other paths leading off the main path to the left and to the right, and each leads to a different door in the wall. All of them are wide, well managed with flowers beds and gardeners attending them. The only path which seems slightly unkempt is the one going straight ahead.

One of those well maintained paths is the one you have most likely been ‘guided’ into, i.e. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or any other. Now walk forward, down that path (the one that is most familiar to you) and start walking along it. The walk is pleasant and comforting. Someone welcomes you at the entrance. Indeed you have walked down this way many times before and you probably know the gardeners very well.

When you finally reach the door, have a close look at it. The door represents your religion, the doorway to God. This door is old and it has been meddled with many times over the years. There are old hinges, new hinges, broken hinges, broken handles and new ones screwed in to take their place. The door itself is ill-fitting, slightly tilted and jam-wedged against the wall.

Now open the door. You will have to give it a bit of a tug to get it lose, and with creaking hinges, it opens. Beyond it is a path, only this time the path is heavily encroached upon by undergrowth. This is your pathway to God, and if you take it, you will eventually get there. It will at last and after quite some time, open out onto an open, gently winding path that stretches into the distance. The trouble is, the path ahead of you is very wiggly with much hindrance along your way and several very dark and frightening bits to go through before you get to the junction of the paths. All this hindrance is the dogma created by organised religion and their human hierarchies.

May I suggest you close the door and walk back down to the central path from whence you started? If you look down all the other paths that go off the main one, you will find that they are all very similar to the one you have just been down; an old creaky patched-up door and a pathway beyond it with much undergrowth encroaching.

May I suggest you brave the slightly unkempt main path that runs ahead of you and approach the door in the wall? The path may be slightly unkempt but it is firm, and natural flowers and trees abound all round. When you reach the door, look closely at it. It is old, far older than all the others by miles, but it looks fresh, feels fresh and the hinges and the handles are originals. A light seems to pour through the keyhole as if there is bright sunlight on the other side.

Now open the door. The door opens easily, and there, stretching ahead of you is a gently winding path that leads ahead. All around is warm and light. The path is easy to follow and at each bend, a wooden bench appears for you to sit on, relax and connect to your own higher self which will guide you on to the next stage. Each stage of the journey is a new experience, with more to learn and a chance to recognise your own divine nature, to accept and welcome in your own divinity.

Along the main path, you will see other paths occasionally emerge from the sides. They are the paths from the other doors that finally lead to this main path. They have travelled a long, challenging and circuitous route to reach it and at last emerge onto the true inner path to God. Once they are on the main path however, they are finally on their way home. Just as you are, or hopefully soon will be. The journey home to God.

The next stage of your journey is up to you.


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